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vacation 7/19-7/27
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I’m going now!


—on vacation that is (to Boston/Maine if you hadn’t heard) and I’ll be back on the 27th. Please wait warmly and don’t forget about me. uvu




」 ¨—Which are the intentions of your coming to these lands of light? ¨ 


"To look and find out. Who’s asking?"

//-Pets the handsome vampy- mew >w<



"I’d prefer it if you didn’t, thank you. However, I am in a relatively good mood so if you promise to sit quietly, you may stay for a while."

"Hmmm..Do i get a reward for being good?"

The demon flickered its ears with innocent eyes.

"I won’t pour a bucket of water on you; how does that sound?"



"…Twenty three. Usually I’m fine, but I’d rather not die from hopping off a convent roof. It’s hard to climb down when someone takes the ladder away. You’ve got no room to talk, you can turn into bats.”

"My abilities have nothing to do with it. —I suppose you may have a few foolish years in you yet. Still, you should watch out for people doing such things, even people you trust. Especially people you trust.”


Feuer ❙ ♚ ❙ König

Flinches at the monstrosity before him,
hands already tucked into coat pockets
and fingers brushing against the rough
texture of his gloves. Perhaps, it was
not such a wise idea to stray so far from
the others.

              ’ — ‘


            ’ What an unfortunate face you have. ‘

"Ḑò ͘y҉ou̷ ̢t̸hi͞n̷k so?"̀

Although it comes from many mouths all at once, its voice is disconcertingly human. Many long black arms unfold from its sides and it stands up on the palms of its hands, about the size of a large draft horse. It shakes itself, setting the long spines on its back clatter together, and a long slimy black tongue lolls out of its massive fang-lined mouth, but otherwise it makes no threatening move.

"̀Maybe̴ ̶I̴ sho͢úl̛d̶ ̛t͜a͡ke̶ ҉yo͠ưr͞s inşt̛ea̛d̛."

"C͝an͞ I ̶h̀av͝e͝ ýo҉ur ͜ȩyes?̸"